Montag, 17. Januar 2011

Favorite Lipsticks

I love lipsticks. Much more than lipgloss. So here they are. Have fun with it. I'm going to write the prices down. They are not exactly right.

Ich liebe Lippenstifte, viel mehr als Lipglosse. Also hier. Habt Spaß damit. Ich werde versuchen mich an die Preise zu erinnern und sie hin zu schreiben, jedoch kann ich nicht garantieren, dass sie immer stimmen.

Top from the left to the right: 010 Rodeo Drive, 030 Park Street, 070 Regent Street
Down:090 Red Square, 020 Sunset Boulevard
I love the p2 lipsticks they cost 1.95 Euro and have an amazing quality
from left to right.
Satin Finish: Myth
lustre: Freckletone
creamshine: creme d'nude
I love mac lipsticks. Myth is a little more complicated. But it is such a beautiful color.
18 Euro
Frist: 29 Euro, Second: 37.50 Euro
Incognito by Chanel and Rouge Coco: Madmoiselle
I love it. Eben though Madoiselle gets a little dry on my lips.
YSL: 29 Euro, Sprit: 7 Euro. Nicea was a present. Sorry
Nivea: Vintage Mauve, YSL: Rose Paris, Esprit: Bohamian pink
One High end and to drugstore produkt. I love love all of them. But the YSL is something for the colorful summer.

Hope you hab fun.
yours, Alina

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